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Website Tips for Driving Instructors

February 10, 20145 Comments

Join Antony on Thursday 13th February at 8pm for the free Simple CPD Live Chats where he will be reviewing four websites and giving more tips. At the end of the webinar there will be a 20 minute general Q&A. If you would like Antony to review your website during the Webinar then email Amy at with your name and website details.

As a driving instructor you probably spend all your time teaching and don’t have a lot of time to spare for tasks such as marketing and looking after your website. Maybe website stuff seems to be a bit of a “black art”, you don’t understand why some websites rank highly in Google and yours doesn’t. Well I’m not going to lie, making a website look professional and ranking well in Google is not always easy and depending on how competitive your competitors websites are, it might be easy or difficult to rank well in Google. So here are some tips to help you.

Look Professional
Think of your website as the equivalent of a shop on your high street. If you go shopping for a television costing £800 would you go to a dodgy cheap looking shop, that has a temporary sign above the door which no one has recommended to you?
No, of course not!
Well its the same with selling driving lessons, if a potential customer visits your website will they think you look professional? ADI’s and newly qualified driving instructors need to seriously think about their “shop” (website).

Go to Google now and open a private window if you can (as results can be skewed if you have visited your website before, as your browser such as Safari, Firefox, Internet explorer remembers where you have been). Do a search for driving lessons town name. Does your website appear in the top few entries on page one?
No – Then you have work to do?
Yes – Good work!

For those of you wanting to become a driving instructor, you need to think about expenses of setting up your business and your priorities. So do your homework on websites (If you want to do it yourself then maybe do a course or attend an evening class at college)!

I’d also recommend watching the marketing videos on which has lots of videos and some internet marketing ones also with me!

So you have a website, can you measure its success?
If you do have a website you need to see how many people visit you, from where, what searches they used etc? If you can’t then install Google Analytics which is free and then use the data from it to find your strengths and weaknesses.

You have a website that you are happy with, but are you getting customers from it?
If you aren’t getting customers from your website then why not? Maybe you are not showing up on the first page of Google for the search terms you think students will search for.
If you want to show on page one of Google for driving lessons tinbucktu then you need to talk about driving lessons in tinbuktu. Websites about chocolate cup cakes don’t rank for driving lessons because they are about cup cakes, cup cake recipes, cup cake tins, etc. So if you sell driving lessons then talk about the subject and cover all the things people will talk about.

When the internet first started all those years ago it was easy to rank for a phrase, all you needed to do was say it a load of times in a horrible way that made look terrible and unreadable to a human! Over the years Google has become more and more sophisticated and now they use very complicated secret algorithms to say which websites will be at the top of Google. So what ever you do keep to the rules and don’t do things which sound dodgy!
When writing content for your website remember you are writing for a person NOT Google. So write properly and stuff as many phrases in lots of times making it sound unnatural. Remember ‘Content is King’ in other words have good quality content on your site and your part of the way there.

Top Tip: Every time someone phones you about lessons ask them where they found out about you. If they say they found you on the internet then ask what they searched for? This is a really good way to get to understand what your customers are searching for.

How Do I Appear on the Gogle Map?

Google Local Screenshot

Maybe you don’t show up on Google+ Local (the listings when your search in google that shows businesses on the Map). This takes a bit of time, research and if possible expertise to do, but if you can then it can be a quicker way of getting up on Google. Because the results stand out more in Google then more people will hopefully click on it.

So these are just a few things that you need to think about.


So if you dont have much time then here are a few priorities.

Put some good content on your website about driving lessons, driving school etc. Use Google’s free keyword tool to find what people might search for (you need to sign up for a Google Adwords account, but don’t need to use it, then go to the keyword tool) .

Update each of your website pages meta title and meta description so your main search phrase is included towards the start. Do your research on this and what standards to follow, such as maximum characters.

Register on sites such as,, review centre, your driving associations sites, network with other small businesses in your town and see if they will talk about you on their website. Google blog town name, see if you have some authoritative websites in your town, get to know them, comment on their blogs and then over time approach them and see if they will promote you, maybe write an article for them with an “about the author” few lines promoting yourself.

Register your business on Google+ local and get your students to write reviews about you.

Get your friends in your town, students, ex-students, etc to promote you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.


If you don’t know how to do any of this then contact me and I will point you in the right direction or if you want me to get more involved more then I can give you a price on how much this will cost.

Author: Antony Wilson

Website image used and unchanged by MedithIT on Flikr.

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Antony Wilson is a small business marketing consultant helping businesses with the websites and getting results. As well as this Antony is an ADI, so has experience at the sharp end of the driving instructor industry, so knows what marketing strategy works and what doesn't!
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    I love these kinds of articles.
    Your advice is really good, clear and understandable.
    I think if it’s done correctly then you should get great results.
    A little every day makes a difference.

  • Sara Clark-Duff

    Hi Antony,

    I really like your content. It is too useful for driving training and to make improvements of Website. I am so glad to go through your nice blog and wants to thanks for your wonderful thought…..


    A really useful website and blog! Keep it up.

  • Jack Taylor

    Hi antony
    I must say it is a god content.I am always like to read this type of blog.It will really help driving learner.Information that provided by you is very useful.

  • Richard Haley

    This article should be read by all driving instructors. It is very useful and was very interesting to read. I will be trying to get my site listed on the Google maps now.

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