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How we can Measure our Success

March 21, 20140 Comments

This week Blaine ranks about how we as driving instructors (ADI’s) can measure success. Success doesn’t necessarily mean pass rate, as you can evaluate success in lots of other ways. Blaine covers other common ways of measuring, such as retention rates, average hours to pass, turnover, but also thinks of some new ways such as accident rates for the new driver six months after passing, the amount of referrals you get and more.

Also discussed are ways to use this information as a marketing tool on your website etc. If you want lots more marketing tips for driving instructors then check out the marketing section of

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Video Transcript

Hi and welcome to this week’s blog.  This week I am talking about how we measure our success as driving instructors.  There are lots of ways we can do this and the most common one is pass rates which is a good indication.

You could also look at your retention rates.  Look at what percentage of pupils you lose.  We all sometimes lose a pupil because of money or they move house but look at the number of pupils you lose for other reasons to work out your retention rate.

I also look at the average number of hours it takes to get a pupil through to test pass as this can be a guide to your level of instruction.  You could have a few pupils that are naturally gifted drivers and some that aren’t but if you monitor this over a long period of time it will give you a good rounded idea of the average number of hours per pupil to get through.

I look at referrals too.  How many referrals do you get from pupils?

I think one of the most important measures of success is accident rates although this is a tricky one to monitor.  We know that 20% of new drivers will have an accident in the first 6 months of driving.  It is possible to collate this information by calling your past pupils 6 months after they passed to see how they are getting on.  I think this is a really powerful marketing tool and really important for you as instructors are all about road safety and teaching a life skill so if we collate this information it will give us an idea of where we can improve our instruction to reduce our new drivers having an accident.  If you decide to collate this information and use it on your website just be cautious as the advertising Standards Agency are clamping down on figures advertised on websites.  They seem to be trawling through websites at the moment and may look for clarification of this information.  You may need to back it up.  Even just to have this information for your own benefit and self-development is very useful.

There are lots of different ways you can gauge your success from the above mentioned or how much turnover, profit or what you pay the tax man each year to have you got a new car or if your alloys are scuffed.  We have all got our own ways of evaluating our success as driving instructors but I would recommend looking at these ways, finding new ways and using them to improve.

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Blaine Walsh is the owner of, has been a driving instructor trainer for 15 years and a driving instructor for over 20 years. When he first qualified Blaine admits his was not a very good instructor, became disillusioned, was not retaining pupils and not making any money, so he quit full time teaching. After spending time self-reflecting, he had a light bulb moment and realised that he needed to put more explanation, effort and enthusiasm into teaching learners. Since then he has not looked back and is now regarded as one of the top trainers in the country.

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