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The Importance of Having a Camera in Your Car

March 28, 20143 Comments

In this weeks video blog Blaine talks about the benefits of having a camera system in your car. Blaine uses two HD video cameras in his car that he then has to edit and splice the images together. However for a driving instructor there are various video systems that Blaine is going to review in the coming weeks and will make some videos which will be added to the website.

In car cameras are useful as training aids for an ADI, proof when involved in an insurance claim and even proof when someone is making a false injury claim! There are systems which record outside the car or both inside and outside the car, depending on your budget.

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Video Transcription

Hi and welcome to this week’s blog about using in-car camera systems.  I get asked all of the time about what sort of in-car camera systems I use so I thought I would cover that quickly.

I use two TV quality cameras, camcorders if you like, but they are higher quality and I slice the footage together to make the videos.  With pupils this is a lot more difficult but there are lots of different systems out there.  I am currently testing four different in-car camera systems and there will be a review of them on the website soon with short video clips and you will be able to see what they do and how they differ.

Why have cameras?  There are several reasons for having a camera system in place.  One of them is the safety aspect.  That could be safety from someone hitting your car from behind; there is a video on YouTube where someone hit the back of another car but claimed the other car with a learner driver in rolled back into them.  There is also one circulating social media from RED Driving School showing a pedestrian that walked behind the instructor car and lay down on the road behind the car and claimed to have been run over.  The video clearly shows that that wasn’t the case.  There are systems that look out the back and the front of the car and there are systems that look in and out of the car.  I am not aware of a system that looks out the back, the front and in the car yet so you may want to consider having two systems.

It could be useful to have a camera in the car as a training aid for your pupils as if you have the picture in the car and out you can play it back to them.  Some of the cameras allow you to play it back on your phone or iPad, some have monitors or you can buy a screen.  It is really good to be able to revisit part of the lesson to go through it and show them any errors.  They can also take home their lesson and show their parents what they have been driving like.

There is also the aspect of your own security.  There was a case where an instructor was accused of inappropriate behaviour but he was able to show the police the videos of all of the lessons and there clearly wasn’t any inappropriate behaviour and the case was dropped straight away.  Thankfully that is a very rare situation but it is certainly worth considering having that back-up.

One of the things with most of the systems is that either you keep the SD card or the pupil takes it away so you might want two systems, one to keep for yourself and the other to give to the pupil unless you use a laptop and swap the SD cards over.

I am going to go into this in more detail on the website but it certainly worth considering having an in-car camera system and researching which one will best suit your requirements and price range.

Author: Blaine Walsh

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Blaine Walsh is the owner of, has been a driving instructor trainer for 15 years and a driving instructor for over 20 years. When he first qualified Blaine admits his was not a very good instructor, became disillusioned, was not retaining pupils and not making any money, so he quit full time teaching. After spending time self-reflecting, he had a light bulb moment and realised that he needed to put more explanation, effort and enthusiasm into teaching learners. Since then he has not looked back and is now regarded as one of the top trainers in the country.
  • Michael

    Thank you for an interesting blog on in-car cameras. I am considering it but how easy are the cameras to set up in car? Can cameras generally be set up by one self or a professional technician? Also, are the cameras easy to move from one car to an other? Thank you.(sorry this message may be a duplicate)

    • ditvadmin

      Hi Michael
      The majority of cameras are really easy to install and you can choose to hide the wires by simply tucking them into the trim. There is some really useful information and videos on youtube or through google that can help you with this.

  • Peter Dallas

    Thanks Blaine for sharing this inf0rmative content. CCTV cameras for vehicles are very important thing. It is used for several purposes, like a accidental claims and other security reson.

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