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Dads, Experts, Dr. Who and Silver Bullets

June 17, 20140 Comments

Do you seek the marketing advice from a ‘guru’ or do you know what works for you and your business. In this post Marc Ford talks about his experiences and gives some advice about what to listen to, what to implement and trusting yourself.

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Manoeuvres – Reversing Around a Corner

June 11, 20140 Comments

This week Blaine talks about why and how he teaches the reverse around a corner with some really useful tips about positioning the car before the manoeuvre and finishing where you want to be.

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Manoeuvres – Reversing Behind a Car

June 3, 20140 Comments

This week is the final week of the series about teaching manoeuvres to learner drivers. Blaine gives his advice and some simple tips on teaching reversing behind a parked car without the need of complicated reference points etc.

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