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Driving TV Programs

September 9, 20140 Comments

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For this blog I thought I would have a chat about the TV programs that are popping up. It’s not a rant as I don’t have anything particularly for or against them really; it’s just my opinion on some of them.
There is a new one that started this week ‘So you think you can drive?’ from the BBC which is, I think, a lost opportunity which is the point I want to make.

So you see on this program that the person is having trouble with certain aspects of driving like getting too close to cars, no using mirrors etc and they are taken out and their driving is looked at. Then we see a very short bit of instruction but not much at all really. Then you see the driver doing a lot better a few weeks later.

I just think that it is a lost opportunity for our industry to show what we are like as professionals and why we can do things that possibly parents and accompanying drivers cant with the skills that we can bring to the table. At no point in this program do you see the ADI going through the process with the person to get them thinking about their skills, thinking about their thought processes and therefore, developing their skills. I think that this would be very useful for other people to see.
Yes, it may not be great entertainment but I do think it could be made into great entertainment by being made useful. For example, the woman on the program the other day had her husband say “come on, use your mirrors” and she questioned “why do I need to use my mirrors? They are behind me going that way and I’m not going that way.” This would have been a brilliant learning curve. She was also braking hard often which ties in with the use of mirrors. If you are braking hard at pedestrian crossings because you are not anticipating the pedestrian, for example, then you could get hit from behind. Whereas, if you are checking your mirrors regularly you can ease off earlier and therefore won’t need to brake as hard etc.

There was no tying it all in. It was just shown and then nothing was said further about it. I am sure that in the background all of that was done because she did improve but it would be nice for other people watching the program to see it and possibly think “I get that now. I understand why I should check my mirrors” which could just make a difference. This can be taught through a friendly, non-discriminatory, non-patronising manner that makes people think about the consequences.
I just think that these programs are missing a point and an opportunity.

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