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Post-Test Talk Part 1

October 21, 20140 Comments



In this mini-series of blogs I want to talk about post-test – after the test. As instructors we tend to be targeted towards the test and some instructors will say “Oh I don’t do that and I do focus on post-test” so I thought I would give you some ideas to help focus on this a little bit. These are things that have come up recently in the media or in the new Standards Check.

So let’s start with the Standards Check as one of the things that Examiners are looking for is some post-test talk. For example, if you are doing some roundabouts, pedestrian crossings or dual carriageways etc it is really good to include some post-test discussion like “when are you likely to be driving down this dual carriageway?”   Your pupil may reply “well it would probably be late evening as my friends go to a pub along here.” You can then talk about who would be driving; are they likely to be the designated driver as they may be the first person in their pier group to have passed their test. You can also talk about the distraction of having their friends in their car etc. You can also talk about strategies if they have a friend that may be they do not want to give a lift to and how your pupil can talk to their passengers about how to be a good passenger. You can help your pupil approach this subject with their passengers by talking about how distractions could affect their driving.

Another thing to think about talking to your pupil about is having a strategy if they do not want to be a passenger in their friend’s car. You can mention about having money to get a taxi or credit on their phone to be able to call someone else for a lift.

These are conversations you can have with your pupil that could save them a lot of grief in the future and will be useful topics to raise with your pupil during your Standards Check.

You can also talk about what they might do if they breakdown; do they know who to call and where they are to be able to give accurate directions; is their phone fully charged etc

These sorts of conversations are so important to have and Examiners like to see ADIs having these sorts of conversations with their pupils.

On future blogs we will be talking about other subjects you can talk to your pupils about like country roads and motorways.

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