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Standards Check and Beyond Workshops

February 3, 20150 Comments

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Today I thought I would do something a little bit different with the blog and tell you about the development days with me and Louise developing teaching styles and techniques for the Standards Check and beyond.  Basically it is a workshop that me and Lou have been doing for a little while now with associations and other groups and we have decided to roll it out over the next few months doing a few talks a month.

We call on our experiences; Lou and I have sat in on about 30 Standards Checks so far and talk to people on a daily basis about their Standards Checks.  But it is not just about the Standards Check.  A lot of people come along to the workshops to develop those skills that will be useful for everyday teaching.

Why I think a workshop is good is that it enhances our video site as you can talk amongst yourselves and we run them in such a way that you can get involved in group discussion about experiences.  Being an ADI can be quite a lonely job and at some meetings you can get a few assassins in the room that want to shout everything down etc.  But with our workshops you have likeminded people that are willing to learn.  So far the workshops we have done have been really successful just from the point of view of making friends with other ADIs in their areas.  The ADIs have continued after the workshop to do shared learning in the weeks and months after the workshop.  I think there is a lot to be gained from not only what Louise and I talk about but what you talk about amongst yourselves.  It is also a really good networking opportunity for people in your area and outside your area.

We are quite flexible with the day but we do cover mind maps and scaling, for example, how to make lessons real to real life rather than just passing the test, how to get pupils to talk about post-test and making the best of Q&A.  Normally, for the first couple of hours in the morning we cover the Standards Check and look at the marking sheet, what the examiners are looking for, what they like and don’t like which brings us nicely into the other subjects I have mentioned.

We have dates in Chelmsford, Reading, South London, Brighton, Leeds, Warrington, Exeter and Cardiff so if you are interested click on the link below.  We are charging £59 for non-members including lunch and £49 for members of

Hopefully this is usefully to you and we look forward to seeing you at one of our workshops.

Click HERE for more information about these workshops.

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