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DVSA ADI Part 3 Phase 1

October 7, 20150 Comments

10 top tips for the Part 3 Phase 1

1) Watch the Part 3 Golden Rules section first (coming soon). This can be found on any part 3 video viewer

2) Look to see what PST you have so you can prepare when waiting in the car for the Examiner

3) Keep your briefing to a maximum of 6 minutes long.  You can’t fail for a briefing unless it’s too long. A

comprehensive brief won’t make a difference.

  • Use a colour visual aid
  • Briefing for PST 1-4 are carried out at the site away from the test centre.  PST 5 mirrors at the test centre and E Stop at site. PST 6-10 at the test centre.
  • Write down multiple subjects like Meeting etc
  • Keep to main points not all the becauses. Treat it like the first talk through.

4) Control from the start. Don’t let them make mistakes

5) Follow control up with education as soon as you can

6) Do one command at a time and don’t do the second until you have seen the first carried out

7) No phrases that can be misunderstood. (Slow down a bit, speed up a bit, stop, depress the clutch

8) Don’t ask questions a non-driving 5 year could not answer until you have put the knowledge in on the


9) Check knowledge towards the end but not until you have put the knowledge in

10) Forget Phase 1 and move on

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Blaine Walsh is the owner of, has been a driving instructor trainer for 15 years and a driving instructor for over 20 years. When he first qualified Blaine admits his was not a very good instructor, became disillusioned, was not retaining pupils and not making any money, so he quit full time teaching. After spending time self-reflecting, he had a light bulb moment and realised that he needed to put more explanation, effort and enthusiasm into teaching learners. Since then he has not looked back and is now regarded as one of the top trainers in the country.

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