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Dads, Experts, Dr. Who and Silver Bullets

June 17, 20140 Comments

Do you seek the marketing advice from a ‘guru’ or do you know what works for you and your business. In this post Marc Ford talks about his experiences and gives some advice about what to listen to, what to implement and trusting yourself.

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The future of Telematics Technology in Cars

May 21, 20143 Comments

An article in the Daily Mail recently talks about how the UK government it powerless to stop EU Commission put tracking devices in all new cars. Richard Kings from ingenie talks about the benefits of telematics and how it can help us.

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Can a Positive Attitude Improve Road Safety?

May 7, 20141 Comment

We are looking at the benefits of a positive attitude and if it can have an impact behind the wheel and ultimately on road safety. It’s the start of Driving Instructor Positivity Week so let’s start by looking at the benefits of a positive attitude.

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Number of Driving Tests Ending in a Crash Revealed

April 29, 20141 Comment

Research has shown some interesting information about how many driving tests result in a collision. Find out about how the number so far in 2014 has reduced dramatically and some reasons why this might be.

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Top 5 Insurance Pitfalls for Driving Instructors and How to Avoid Them

April 7, 20142 Comments

If you are training to become a driving instructor or have just qualified then you need to think about insurance. Here are five insurance tips to make sure you don’t fall into any traps!

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