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Standards Check Test


Standards Check – Advice about teaching manoeuvres

March 18, 20160 Comments

If you know you have a Standards Check in the near future or would like to see a fresh approach to teaching manoeuvres Lou has some great information for you. She has been asked many times recently about the number of manoeuvres that should be covered, what should be covered during the lesson and the skills you can identify. Click on the video above to watch the video.

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My Standards Check Mock Test Debrief

March 11, 20160 Comments

Having received an invitation to attend a Standards Check, I have been taking some advice and training with my wife Lou. Last week I filmed a Standards Check Mock Test and this video blog shows my debrief. To view the video of the lesson an many more Standards Check Advice and training please either sign in to your account at or join up. If you are not happy with the content we will refund you within 72 hours.

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My Standards Check – Video 3

March 3, 20160 Comments

This is the third video in the series of ‘My Standards Check’. This one has a few more of my thoughts and formulating a plan for training etc. I’m aware my Standards Check is not that far away.

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My Standards Check – Video 2

March 3, 20160 Comments

This is the second video in the series that allows you to follow me and my training towards my Standards Check. In this short video I talk about my thoughts and preparation.

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My Standards Check – Video 1

March 3, 20160 Comments

I have received my DVSA Standards Check invitation letter. This series of videos will discuss my thoughts, finding a trainer (as putting knowledge into practice is not always that easy) and the training I will go through to prepare for my April Standards Check

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Taking Mock Tests

July 15, 20150 Comments

This week Blaine briefly explains why he believes there is so much to gain from taking a Mock Test yourself. If you have a Standards Check, Part 2 or Part 3 coming up where you are limited to three attempts why take the risk of not knowing how you will react to being assessed and how your pupils will react to having an Examiner sitting in the back of the car.

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Are you prepared?

April 1, 20150 Comments

Are you prepared for teaching learners, taking Part 2 or 3, your Standards Check?
Blaine talks about how to keep yourself informed and up to date with changes and what the Examiners are looking for.
If you click ‘continue reading’ you will be given the links to the publications Blaine mentions.

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Standards Check and Beyond Workshops

February 3, 20150 Comments

Blaine talks about the benefits that you can gain from attending one of the Standards Check and Beyond workshops that are being help across the country over the next few months.

For more information about dates and locations visit –

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Standards Check – The Death of Traditional Teaching?

September 17, 20140 Comments

This week Blaine talks briefly about the Standards Check and if it is possibly going to be the death of traditional teaching techniques. If all instructors do not adopt a coaching style for their Standards Check will it effect their grade?

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Standards Check, Part 2 and 3 Test Ready

August 27, 20140 Comments

Are you test ready for your own tests? This week Blaine touches on the subject of being prepared for your Standards Check, Part 2 or Part 3.

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