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Standards Check Subject – Commentary Drive

May 9, 20160 Comments

Whilst travelling to a Standards Check Workshop I was asked a question about using a commentary drive as a subject for a Standards Check so I thought I would answer it as we traveled. In this short video you can see my thoughts.

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Standards Check – Turn in the Road Manoeuvre

July 16, 20150 Comments

This week an ADI asked us for some suggestions and advice as he prepares for his standards check. I answered it in a video response (far easier than a written response) and as so many of you appreciated last weeks video I though this one may also be helpful to some, so here it is.

Here is his question –

“I am planing to use TURN IN THE ROAD MANOEUVRE FOR A PARTLY TRAINED PUPIL for my Standards Check –
Do I need to recap the pupil for what has been taught in his/her previous lesson at the beginning of the SC as it is normally done in lesson?
Do I need to talk about share of responsibility before move off and during lesson in regard with RISK MANAGEMENT?
Do I need to give a full brief at the site before doing manoeuvre?
How can I ask the pupil about his/her goal about lesson and get agreement about for the lesson on the SC day?”

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Taking a Full Licence Holder to your Standards Check?

July 8, 20150 Comments

This week Louise answers a question that was posted on the forum from an ADI that is taking a full licence holder to the Standards Check. The questions was –
‘I’ve done an assessment today on the FLH I’m going to use and what’s come up is forward planning and anticipation that needs work on. I’ve no choice but to use a FLH because I can’t get a pupil for that time so early in the morning as they are either at college or working. My Standards Check is in 2 weeks time…can you please give any advice on how the lesson needs to be conducted according to the marking sheet from start to end? Please help!’

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