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Road Sign Rule Changes

May 13, 20161 Comment

Do you use the ‘if there are lampposts and no signs it is safe to assume it is a 30mph speed limit and if there are no lampposts and no signs it is a national speed limit’ rule of thumb? Councils have now been given control over where, when and how often road signs, including speed limit signs should be used. This could easily change the rule of thumb.

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Standards Check Q & A – Live Facebook Chat Recording

April 26, 20160 Comments

This week we held a live Q & A chat via Facebook about the Standards Check. Have a listen here. If you would like to be kept up to date about future chats please sign up for our newsletter and visit our Facebook page –

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Accidents and the Colour of your Car

August 19, 20150 Comments

This week Blaine explains about his experience with rear end shunts and how to avoid them whilst teaching. Click ‘continue reading’ for a link to the research article.

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Taking a Full Licence Holder to your Standards Check?

July 8, 20150 Comments

This week Louise answers a question that was posted on the forum from an ADI that is taking a full licence holder to the Standards Check. The questions was –
‘I’ve done an assessment today on the FLH I’m going to use and what’s come up is forward planning and anticipation that needs work on. I’ve no choice but to use a FLH because I can’t get a pupil for that time so early in the morning as they are either at college or working. My Standards Check is in 2 weeks time…can you please give any advice on how the lesson needs to be conducted according to the marking sheet from start to end? Please help!’

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Checking Driving Licences

June 5, 20151 Comment

The counterpart driving licence is being abolished on 8th June 2015. We are required to ensure all drivers of our cars hold a licence to do so. It was easy to check the paper counterpart for any endorsements or temporary bans but now this has to be done online or over the phone with the DVLA. In this blog Blaine talks you through 4 options for checking a pupil’s licence. Please read on to get the links for you, your pupils and an embed code to use on your website.

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Are you prepared?

April 1, 20150 Comments

Are you prepared for teaching learners, taking Part 2 or 3, your Standards Check?
Blaine talks about how to keep yourself informed and up to date with changes and what the Examiners are looking for.
If you click ‘continue reading’ you will be given the links to the publications Blaine mentions.

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Fresh Start ’15 and the Golden L Awards

January 21, 20150 Comments

Blaine interviews Marc Ford about the Fresh Start ’15 and the Golden L Awards. More information can be found at and

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Driving TV Programs

September 9, 20140 Comments

There seem to have been many TV programs featuring bad drivers and more are planned. What do you think of them? Are they all missing a trick here? Have you been asked to be an ADI for one of them?

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Sitting In On Tests

April 9, 20140 Comments

This week Blaine talks about sitting in on tests.

As an instructor your pupil’s will ultimately be taking a test. Regardless of whether this is a learner test or a Part 3 are you sure you know exactly what the Examiner thinks is important?

How up to date is your knowledge of the requirements for the tests you send your pupils to?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments box at the bottom of this page.

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Once You Get a Student Keep Them

February 14, 20140 Comments

Happy Valentines everyone. This week Blaine talks Love! Don’t worry not that sort of love but caring for your students. After all you’ve worked really hard to get your students, so you need to work even harder to keep them. Find out Blaines thoughts…

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