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Standards Check – Advice about teaching manoeuvres

March 18, 20160 Comments

If you know you have a Standards Check in the near future or would like to see a fresh approach to teaching manoeuvres Lou has some great information for you. She has been asked many times recently about the number of manoeuvres that should be covered, what should be covered during the lesson and the skills you can identify. Click on the video above to watch the video.

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Accidents and the Colour of your Car

August 19, 20150 Comments

This week Blaine explains about his experience with rear end shunts and how to avoid them whilst teaching. Click ‘continue reading’ for a link to the research article.

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Standards Check – Turn in the Road Manoeuvre

July 16, 20150 Comments

This week an ADI asked us for some suggestions and advice as he prepares for his standards check. I answered it in a video response (far easier than a written response) and as so many of you appreciated last weeks video I though this one may also be helpful to some, so here it is.

Here is his question –

“I am planing to use TURN IN THE ROAD MANOEUVRE FOR A PARTLY TRAINED PUPIL for my Standards Check –
Do I need to recap the pupil for what has been taught in his/her previous lesson at the beginning of the SC as it is normally done in lesson?
Do I need to talk about share of responsibility before move off and during lesson in regard with RISK MANAGEMENT?
Do I need to give a full brief at the site before doing manoeuvre?
How can I ask the pupil about his/her goal about lesson and get agreement about for the lesson on the SC day?”

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Giving Direction and Responsibility

November 18, 20141 Comment

In the last of the mini series Blaine talks about how to give your pupils responsibility to prepare for post-test driving.

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Teaching Country Roads

November 12, 20141 Comment

In this mini series Blaine talks about the importance of teaching our pupils how to drive on country roads, what to teach and how to get around this if you do not live in the country. With 60% of fatalities being on country roads can we afford to miss out this important lesson?

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The Two Second Rule

July 2, 20140 Comments

This week Blaine talks about teaching the two second rule and how to teach this to your pupils so they are not just considering their own distance to the vehicle in front but take into account the distances of the vehicles around them.

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Manoeuvres – Reversing Behind a Car

June 3, 20140 Comments

This week is the final week of the series about teaching manoeuvres to learner drivers. Blaine gives his advice and some simple tips on teaching reversing behind a parked car without the need of complicated reference points etc.

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Manoeuvres – Turn in the Road

May 27, 20141 Comment

Continuing with the tips for teaching learner drivers theme this week Blaine talks about the turn in the road manoeuvre, finding an appropriate area to practice and the benefits of keeping the full steering lock on. He also talks about using the curb during this manoeuvre.

As always, please leave your comments in the comments box below.

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Tips for Teaching Manoeuvres

May 16, 20140 Comments

This week Blaine will be introducing tips for teaching manoeuvres to your pupils, when to starting to teaching them and what to teach. Over the next few weeks Blaine will look at different manoeuvres and break these down into useful techniques that he has found to work well for his pupils.

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