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Changes to the DVSA Part 3

September 16, 20160 Comments

Here are our thoughts about the proposed changes to the DVSA Part 3 Driving Instructor test.

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Standards Check Subject – Commentary Drive

May 9, 20160 Comments

Whilst travelling to a Standards Check Workshop I was asked a question about using a commentary drive as a subject for a Standards Check so I thought I would answer it as we traveled. In this short video you can see my thoughts.

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Standards Check Q & A – Live Facebook Chat Recording

April 26, 20160 Comments

This week we held a live Q & A chat via Facebook about the Standards Check. Have a listen here. If you would like to be kept up to date about future chats please sign up for our newsletter and visit our Facebook page –

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Standards Check – Advice about teaching manoeuvres

March 18, 20160 Comments

If you know you have a Standards Check in the near future or would like to see a fresh approach to teaching manoeuvres Lou has some great information for you. She has been asked many times recently about the number of manoeuvres that should be covered, what should be covered during the lesson and the skills you can identify. Click on the video above to watch the video.

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My Standards Check Mock Test Debrief

March 11, 20160 Comments

Having received an invitation to attend a Standards Check, I have been taking some advice and training with my wife Lou. Last week I filmed a Standards Check Mock Test and this video blog shows my debrief. To view the video of the lesson an many more Standards Check Advice and training please either sign in to your account at or join up. If you are not happy with the content we will refund you within 72 hours.

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My Standards Check – Video 3

March 3, 20160 Comments

This is the third video in the series of ‘My Standards Check’. This one has a few more of my thoughts and formulating a plan for training etc. I’m aware my Standards Check is not that far away.

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My Standards Check – Video 2

March 3, 20160 Comments

This is the second video in the series that allows you to follow me and my training towards my Standards Check. In this short video I talk about my thoughts and preparation.

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My Standards Check – Video 1

March 3, 20160 Comments

I have received my DVSA Standards Check invitation letter. This series of videos will discuss my thoughts, finding a trainer (as putting knowledge into practice is not always that easy) and the training I will go through to prepare for my April Standards Check

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Standards Check – Turn in the Road Manoeuvre

July 16, 20150 Comments

This week an ADI asked us for some suggestions and advice as he prepares for his standards check. I answered it in a video response (far easier than a written response) and as so many of you appreciated last weeks video I though this one may also be helpful to some, so here it is.

Here is his question –

“I am planing to use TURN IN THE ROAD MANOEUVRE FOR A PARTLY TRAINED PUPIL for my Standards Check –
Do I need to recap the pupil for what has been taught in his/her previous lesson at the beginning of the SC as it is normally done in lesson?
Do I need to talk about share of responsibility before move off and during lesson in regard with RISK MANAGEMENT?
Do I need to give a full brief at the site before doing manoeuvre?
How can I ask the pupil about his/her goal about lesson and get agreement about for the lesson on the SC day?”

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Taking a Full Licence Holder to your Standards Check?

July 8, 20150 Comments

This week Louise answers a question that was posted on the forum from an ADI that is taking a full licence holder to the Standards Check. The questions was –
‘I’ve done an assessment today on the FLH I’m going to use and what’s come up is forward planning and anticipation that needs work on. I’ve no choice but to use a FLH because I can’t get a pupil for that time so early in the morning as they are either at college or working. My Standards Check is in 2 weeks time…can you please give any advice on how the lesson needs to be conducted according to the marking sheet from start to end? Please help!’

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