All videos from the Part 1 section

The Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Part 1 test is the first of three tests that you will need to pass to become a fully qualified driving instructor.

The Part1 is a theory test that comprises of a multiple choice test of four sections and a total of 100 questions. You must get at least 20 questions correct in each section and get a total of 85 question right out of the 100. As well as this there is a hazard perception test which consists of 14 video clips which have a total of 15 hazards (one video clip has 2 hazards). For each hazard you can get up to 5 points (the sooner you click after the hazard starts the more points you get) and you must score at least 57 points out of 75.

The videos in this section give you more information and some top tips.