Video categories in the Phase 1 Videos section

The ADI part 3 test has two phases (Phase 1 and Phase 2). In this section you will find all the videos related to Phase 1 where the examiner will pretend to be a partly trained pupil.
The videos have lots of information and tips for your part 3 including;

- Control and Education (or as you may read elsewhere, level of instruction) is very very important. The examiner will try to make mistakes for three reasons; Your not watching, not telling them with reasons why and detail or you are not making them do it.
- To begin with expect the examiner to make faults with mirrors (to prove you are watching them).
- Spot 100% of the big faults (the ones in real life that fail your students on their driving test) and you will pass.
- Do a good briefing but don’t rely on what you said in briefing as you need to do it on the move also.
- Be proactive to stop the fault happening in the first place. Give reason why at next opportunity. 
- Give becauses all the time. Our lesson plan visual is designed to massively help people on their Part3.